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ヘタリア 1 Axis Powers Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à ➲ [Read] ➭ ヘタリア 1 Axis Powers By Hidekaz Himaruya ➽ – Gym-apparel.co.uk In these hilarious comic strips the world's powers take on ridiculous stereotypes During World War 1 gruff Germany fIn these hilarious comic strips the world's powers take on ridiculous stereotypes During World War gruff Ge. This was hilarious It took me a while to read though I kept forgetting which countries had which faceclothes The book reads like a series of short stories I was surprised to read that personifying countries was a foriegn conceipt to the Japanese audience If you look at Western art all sorts of things are represented by other things But it's even surprising in regards to Japanese History When WWII ended America had issues determining who was to be held responsible for their continued er conuest Even the emperor answered to a higher entity Japan in and of itself Maybe what the editors were refering to was the notion that other countries could also have entities I chuckled to myself when I read Japan's description of itself Uniue and small appeared and I can't say that was unexpected Japan is as uniue as any other country On a side note there is a reason why there is so much focus on the Shinto religion even though very few actually practice it Mt Fuji and Samurai Japan actually has very few completely original ideas culturally as much of it comes from other places whether or not that is ever ever admitted For those who want to know Alphabet Chinese influenceBuddhism Indian lots practice this Government modeled after the English past Japanese governments and with an American flareIndustrial Model GermanEducational Model Germanthere are lots but my brain is getting tired As for the small part there are over 6000 islands that belong to Japan Japan is not small There are plenty of other countries that are much smaller Now onto my favorite part historyThe history presented in this was so boiled down that it would be difficult to say that this was completely accurate You would only be able to catch the inaccuracies if you were not only well versed in the era that was being covered in that scene but also that country's own history Needless to say it was interesting reading a Japanese presceptive on world historyexamplesThe American RevolutionAs cool as it would have been for England and America to have a touching scene and end the war with a change of heart that simply did not happen America won because other countries found it to be an opportune time to attack other parts of English territory for their own gain Spain had a hard time focuses on anything but attacking the Straight of Gibraltar and taking away control of the area away from England England gave up to divert forces to protect valuable rescources But an interesting nuance that was accurate was the clothing America played up the simple folk look to other nations to feed into an image that Americans were hard working and straightforward I guess you could thank Ben Franklin for perpetuating that myth to European audiences as he would not dress up to go to political meetings or parties It should also be noted that he did spend a lot of time partying and not always alone The Holy Roman Empire This topic was presented in an unusual way when you consider other empires were not mentioned in this volume Also part of the time it was represented as a person the other part it was represented as a house The Ottoman Empire would have been interesting seeing as both empires not only existed at the same time but border each other Oh and the name did not come about because part of the Roman Empire desired a name change The Roman Empire had an extremely long collapse seeing as it split as it collapsed and part of it lasted longer than the other part Also the Roman Empire did not unite all of it's territories into one big massive country nor did it unify Italy in the same sense it is today Rome itself was basically always just the city To be a true Roman you had to be born in the city not just in a Roman territory When Rome conuered a place it basically drew up a contract saying that Rome controls it it pays taxes to Rome and is subject to Rome's laws it does not get to participate in creating those laws and Rome will protect it Basically Each place had a different agreement so what I just said isn't 100% true but it's generalized just fine haha Japanese Industry Japan wasn't actually known for it's uality in WWII It industrialized very uickly following the German model which was also building very uickly as it had a lot to recover from So the statement about mass producing things smaller and also building robots is a nod to the present You might be wondering who was the industrial leader the English America was close behind but let's face it was going slow and seems to have ualms when it comes to change Other countries industrialized at an alarming rate such as Russia Germany and Japan I could talk about others but this is why it took me a couple of days to finish this thing I would read a cell or two then talk it over with myself in my head discussing the history I remembered chuckled at the reference and debated just how accurate it was I wish I knew my world history better I mean it's been over 4 years since I've had a class that covered something outside of America But this book was seriously fun and I look forward to reading book 2 It's so refreshing seeing someone present history as something fun and palatable to the masses

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Rmany finds Italy hiding in a wooden box of tomatoes World War I uickly comes to an end but World War ヘ?. I am so happy I spent all day reading my favorite manga book Of course reading in Russian was very very hard It took me a long time I cannot wait to start reading a second book and I cannot wait when I will get a third book in English I really loved this book made me laugh many times I loved not only this manga but anime cartoons too I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HETALIA And my favorite character will always be FRANCE I just love France I would do anything to kiss and marry him

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ヘタリア 1 Axis Powers?リア 1 PDFEPUB or II is right on its heels This time Italy tries his best to become friends with Germany. Note This review is for the series in general not just the first issue DFrom England's John Bull France's Marianne to America's own Uncle Sam country personifications are nothing new Political cartoonists have used them to poke fun at stereotypes and national policy like the famous 1898 cartoon depicting imperial powers Britain Germany Russia and Japan dividing up a pie labeled China While national personifications have been mainly used for commentary and satire Hidekaz Himaruya's webcomic Hetalia takes the idea in a different directionHetalia's playful irreverent take on history deconstructs the idea of nation personification If nations really did have avatars of themselves what would they look like How would they act towards each other and towards their own citizens While humorous it provides for serious moments as well such as when the ghost of Ancient Rome visits the home of his grandson Italy for a day witnessing the changes that have occurred since his death or when Japan struggles with maintaining his identity in a rapidly westernizing world It unites fans of many different ethnicities and nationalities fostering cultural exchanges and multilingual jokes Discovering Hetalia while taking Modern World History provided an interesting perspective to view world relations by bringing it to a scale that I could identify with I suddenly wasn't dealing with monolithic faceless empires but group of suspicious people dragging their cronies into their personal problems blaming their whole problem on Germany and completely ignoring the Soviet Union the way a high school ueen bee gives a friend the cold shoulder after a perceived betrayal As would be expected by such a massive drama grudges remain relationships are established and ruined and it sets the tone for the rest of the 20th century Learning about US history the next year involved the story of a backwater farm boy rapidly growing up into an industrial world power and the conflicts that arise from the transitionAbove all though it helps give an answer for the duality and contradictions that plague the countries of the world–how can it be that a country can be capable of producing beautiful art while also inflicting suffering How can it be that a nation may bring blessings and freedom to some while degrading the lives of others They're supportive of their friends treat their enemies viciously and sometimes make decisions that are just plain nonsensical In the face of history's grim inanity Hetalia wholeheartedly embraces the absurdity of the world Some have criticized its lighthearted approach saying it portrays a whitewashed version of history but I disagree For a subject fraught with seriousness and emotional baggage Hetalia's message is ultimately one of whimsical optimism and unity celebrating cultural differences in fashion language legends and horror movies and showing the value of stepping back and laughing at ourselves every once in a while Even in the midst of treacherous politics and international conflicts it acknowledges the beauty in each country depicting in the words of the theme song a fabulous world that you can see through the swipe of a paintbrush