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A Christmas WaltzTo Lady Amelia Wellesley it seems utterly romantic to surprise her dashing fiance at his home in Texas so the two can marry by Christmas But Amelia's surprise goes awry when Carson Kitteridge calls off their wedding as soon as she arrives leaving Amelia in disgra. I liked this story Some past characters come into play towards the second half but even though this is the third book in a trilogy I thought it stood alone well I enjoyed the kinder gentler hero although by the end I was ready to shake him senseless and scream at him to talk to her already The heroine is rather naive and trusting at the onset but I liked that she realized fairly uickly and without too much outside prodding from other secondary characters that the man she thought she loved was a smooth talkin' liar However others may feel she hangs on to residual feelings for him a tad too long A solid western and really really light on the Christmas stuff if you're a reader who generally likes to avoid those

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A Christmas Waltz Free read ☆ 6 å [PDF / Epub] ☆ A Christmas Waltz Author Jane Goodger – Gym-apparel.co.uk To Lady Amelia Wellesley it seems utterly romantic to surprise her dashing fiance at his home in Texas so the two can marry by Christmas But Amelia's surprise goes awry when Carson Kitteridge calls of To Lady Amelia Wellesley it Ce With nowhere to turn Amelia finds an unlikely savior in Carson's brother Dr Boone Kitteridge Boone offers to marry Amelia sparing her the shame of returning to England unwed But Boone isn't just protecting Amelia's honor secretly he finds her irresistible and t. A Christmas Waltz is related to A Christmas Scandal in that a subplot in that previous book is developed into a story of its own here This one can be read on its own but do be warned that various characters from previous books in this series show up later in this story so it's probably a good idea to read the previous books firstLady Amelia Wellesley sister to one of the loftiest members of the aristocracy is impulsive and naïve She thinks herself madly in love with Carson Kitteridge a cowboy performer in a Wild West Show He told her he had a grand ranch and a dashing career as a Texas Ranger and really he would send for her once he gets back to America You know where this is heading right When no word comes after his departure Amelia decides to lie to his brother claims that Carson has sent for her and takes off with her maid to America to seek her beloved and get him to marry herArriving alone and without funds long story she finds out that Carson is pulling a fast one on her There is no grand ranch he is never a Texas Ranger and worst of all he has no intention of marrying her Fortunately Carson's brother Boone takes pity on her and lets her stay at his place She learns how to do the laundry and helps around his place as payment for lodging and all This also means that she is completely ruined and realizing this Boone steps in to marry her This is going to work rightThere is plenty to like here Amelia's transformation from spoiled and silly girl to a caring and mature lady is well done and believable She may be impulsive and silly but she is smarter than she seems to be at first In fact she turns out to be the smarter one between her and Boone and she practically hauls the man to their happy endingBoone oh Boone You know at first his feelings of self inadeuacy and lack of confidence are actually uite adorable as this makes him a refreshing change from the usual oversexed alpha males that populate the genre I'm willing to overlook the fact that he a hot doctor manages to stay celibate all this while without professing any beliefs to stay that way his brother certainly has no problems spreading the love around because hello there sweetheart Unfortunately he is also one of the worst heroes I've come across when it comes to communicationOkay he grunts and mumbles most of the time and it's sweet at first as his lack of elouence goes with his surly shy hero personality However this mumbling soon spills over to become a stubborn refusal to say anything This causes Amelia to reasonably believe that he doesn't love her and even dislike her for being an anchor around his neck prolonging the story by a few painful dozens of pages Boone's reaction in any conflict is to just drop everything and abandon Amelia and often Amelia becomes far hurt by this than anything else he could have done By the last page yes he ends up with her but if he doesn't open his mouth anytime soon I don't think this couple is meant to last and he's going to hurt her very very badlyThere are some hard hitting emotions here a realistic portrayal of a small town with both good and bad highlighted and a likable heroine whose character growth is believable and enjoyable to follow The hero however can be too clueless and stubborn for my liking and some of the hard hitting emotions I experience include a burning d

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He thought of indulging his A Christmas Kindle desire for her is too tempting to ignore As Boone and Amelia forge a fragile bond something goes terribly wrong and it will take nothing less than a Christmas miracle for Amelia to discover who she is destined to lo. Turns out Carson's every word to Amelia was a lie He's not a rich rancher Two Forks is a tiny dump rather than the lovely prosperous town he described and he never intended to marry her to paraphrase his reasoning Well she wouldn't let me touch her otherwise what was I supposed to do Oh and his brother Boone is not a bit slow In fact he's a doctor and runs the town's general store and he's the one left to care for this strange lady once Carson runs off as fast as he canI uite liked the setup here Yes it's completely preposterous but I suspended disbelief Yes Amelia's actions are incredibly stupid but the narrative acknowledges this completely and never tries to tell us otherwise Further it's all pretty consistent with her character And yes this is the third book in a series and that's kind of obvious but I felt Goodger caught us up uite well at least at the start And Boone was a lovely character Boone and Carson grew up with a violent drunk of a father who idolised Carson and detested Boone it's never really explained why So while he took every excuse to beat up Boone the man celebrated every one of Carson's actions Carson's grown up to be a spoiled arsehole and a womaniser while Boone who had the fortune to escape as a young teen and be raised by a local is cautious and somewhat awkward and has never had anything to do with any woman He is fascinated by Amelia and thinks she's beautiful and can't understand why Carson would run away from herSo the first sections while Boone and Amelia get to know each other and Amelia makes friends in Two Forks were uite nice I liked her she might be silly but she's kind and found him sweet But then Amelia's brother and his new bride show up and the book started going downhill Basically the entire rest of the book is based on Boone and Amelia refusing to communicate Boone is particularly bad at this There really is not much of a conflict It seemed like the location could be one Amelia really does not like Two Forks and misses home but Boone feels he can't leave due to some responsibilities he has there But that soon gets resolved in a uite startling way that I felt cheapened the issues involved and all we're left with is two people who just won't talk to each other honestly And it wasn't even that their motivations for not speaking made senseWe also have uite a bit of space devoted to Amelia's brother and his new wife hero and heroine from a previous book who did not intrigue me in the least and some ridiculous and unbelievable interactions between Amelia and her former friendsSo this was uite a disappointment I only finished it because there wasn't too long to go since by the end I really didn't care about these peopleMY GRADE A C