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Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World Download ↠ 107 · ➵ Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World Read ➼ Author Joe Armstrong – Erlang solves one of the most pressing problems facing developers today how to write reliable concurrent high performance systErlang solves one Software for eBook #10003 of the most pressing problems facing developers today how to write reliable concurrent high performance systems It's used worldwide by companies who need to produce reliable efficient and scalable applications Invest in learning Erlang nowMoore's Law is the observation that the Programming Erlang PDFEPUBamount you can do on a single chip doubles every two years But Moore's Law is taking a detour Rather than producing faster and faster processors companies such as Intel and AMD are producing multi core devices single chips containing two four or processors If Erlang Software for PDFEPUB #230 your programs aren't concurrent they'll only run on a single processor at a time Yo. A book with big cons and big pros I think it will be easiest if I simply list the cons and the pros Let's start with the cons all of which I attribute to editors asleep at the wheel or on crack1 The book is laid out in a reader hostile manner topics are introduced completely out of order You'll be skipping around a lot to find in depth answers for anything2 The index is worthless You're rolling the dice when you try to find a particular topic Chances are good it's not in the index3 Many important items are in a 20 page section entitled 54 Miscellaneous Short Topics All of these topics could have been properly placed in appropriately titled sections elsewhere in the book4 The syntax of the language is seemingly random to a newcomer You never know if a line will need to end with a period semicolon or comma By the time you're done with the book you'll have figured all of this out But I never came across a section describing the language syntax5 Much of the text of the book is Armstrong tooting Erlang's horn I'm glad he likes it but most of that should have been trimmed from the book6 There are a few errors in the source This is always painful in a programming book 7 Between the illogical structure of the book and the painfully unhelpful error messages from Erlang itself getting through the thing can be a painful exercise8 Thankfully I've already made a study of functional programming ie immutable data lambda etc I think this book would be a challenging introduction to the subject as it does not spend much time explaining the theory and practicePros1 Armstrong really seems to enjoy showing off Erlang's features The enthusiasm is nice2 There are some good examples in the book3 By the time you're done you'll feel like you have a pretty good grasp of the language4 The language itself has a number of very interesting conceptual features The book does do a good job of presenting what is advantageous and uniue about ErlangIn all it's a decent book completely crippled by a complete lack of a good book editor Since there is now an O'Reilly book called Erlang Programming I'd suggest taking a look at it instead O'Reilly has good editorsStrangely I've noticed a propensity for Erlang supporters to confuse criticism of this book with criticism of Erlang or even of functional programming in general itself Please do not make that confusion here

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Ur users will think that your code is slowErlang is a programming language designed for building highly parallel distributed fault tolerant systems It has been used commercially for Erlang Software for a Concurrent PDFEPUBmany years to Erlang Software for a Concurrent PDFEPUBbuild massive fault tolerated systems that run for years with minimal failuresErlang programs run seamlessly on multi core computers this means your Erlang program should run a lot faster on a core processor than on a single core processor all without you having to change a line of codeErlang combines ideas from the world of functional programming with techniues for building fault tolerant systems to make a powerful language for building the mas. I really wanted to write a lovely review of this not just because it's a prag prog book but also because I like the values espoused by the Erlang community I had hoped for a tour de force from the language's creator but instead I got a book I skimmed the last hundred pages ofSo what's wrong with it Half a dozen things but the crucial thing is that the focus of the book wanes as the book progresses In the early chapters there's a real feeling of purpose but by the end you almost feel despondent as the author tries to motivate himself and you to try the best parts of the platform The chapter on OTP is a classic example of the malaise we get started with a simple server and as a reader you wait for the juicy details of how and why Instead you get a kind of here's some now go play with it yourself statementIt should be noted that I didn't like the language much either and later chapters were tarnished by how annoyed I was by other things such as Erlang's string handling So there may be some chicken and egg effect thereOverall I'd look to other books for the Erlang magic

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Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent WorldSively parallel networked applications of the futureThis book presents Erlang and functional programming in the familiar Pragmatic style And it's written by Joe Armstrong one of the creators of ErlangIt includes example code you'll be able to build upon In addition the book contains the full source code for two interesting applicationsA SHOUTcast server which you can use to stream music to every computer in your house and a full text indexing and search engine that can index gigabytes of data Learn how to write programs that run on dozens or even hundreds of local and remote processors See how to write robust applications that run even in the face of network and hardware failure using the Erlang programming language. Erlang is an amazing programming language This book is not the best if you're learning functional or parallel programming you should know both paradigms before reading this book; also you should have programmed many funcionalities in JavaNET or any other so complete language but it's handy if you're learning Erlang or modular programming It's easy to get stuck so take your time reading it