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READ ´ GYM-APPAREL.CO.UK Æ Melissa Marr Alluring romance heart stopping danger and sinister intrigue combine in the penultimate volume of Melissa Marr's  New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series Half human and half faery Ani is driven by her hungersThose same appetites also attract powerful enemies and uncertain allies including Devlin. Rating Clarification 25 StarsRadiant Shadows is my least favorite book of the series and I'm sorry to say I've been feeling a decline in its allure since Fragile Eternity I plowed through FE in the hopes that it was the catalyst that would shift the storyline and bring the major players to an endgame of explosive proportions but I felt I was back to suare one with Radiant Shadows The first 100 pages or so were a HUGE borefest I kept nodding off as I trudged through a few pages at a time It wasn't until page 275 that I felt the storyline was finally moving along at a decent pace This book included characters I cared nothing about when all I wanted was a glimpse of my fave of all the fae Keenan Seth Aislinn and Donia Seth was the only one that appeared for a few scenes here and there hanging around in the hallway putting a blanket over a sleeping Devlin standing behind Devlin in a fight resting his hand on Sorcha’s throne etc And all I got on Keenan was that the Summer King was missing WT I plowed through the entire book searching frantically for some answers on Keenan’s disappearance and nothing else was mentioned Very frustrating For those Wicked Lovely fans that are reading these books for Seth fixes and suee moments save your money and time The only Seth lip ring tongue roll action you get is in the last 15 pages For those wanting Keenan lurves don't bother with this book because you won’t get it I'll give you the rundown so you don't have to labor through this chore of a book One thing Spoiler Alert Okay here goes Devlin is introduced into the storyline We got a glimpse of him in Fragile Eternity as he was the fairie that almost killed Seth before Sorcha decided to make Seth her plaything Devlin was created by Sorcha order and Bananach discord as they are his mother sisters and he reuires their blood to survive uite bizarre but that's how it's described He is bound by loyalty to Sorcha where he is her High Court Assassin Fourteen years prior Sorcha ordered Devlin to kill Ani who is a hound halfling and part of the Dark Court but he secretly defied Sorcha's orders and kept her alive About 50 pages summed up for you there A little about Ani She is a Hound that's part of the Dark Court Hounds are born of the Wild Hunt and are creatures that ride the earth drawing out terror exacting vengeance and unrestrained order and are bound by the Dark Court and their leader Gabriel The Hounds need touch and not emotion to sustain The Dark Court fairies are nourished by swallowing dark emotions caused by the Hunt as they reuire emotions and not touch to sustain A little hidden secret though is that Ani a halfling Hound needs physical touch and dark emotion as nourishment which is supposedly not possible but ultimately can be useful Therefore Irial begins to experiment on her blood to find a way to sustain the Dark Court fairies in order to replace his Ink Exchange experiment So basically Ani was targeted by Sorcha but Devlin secretly kept her alive she's a hound and her blood holds some power and works in mysterious ways That took about half the book to reveal BTW and there you have it in a short paragraph Shift in storyline Seth returns to the mortal world as part of his deal with Sorcha and in his absence she wants him back in a bad way She goes into a depression like state sending Devlin to watch over him and she obsesses over Seth's every move I find Sorcha's obsession with Seth twisted to tell you the truth but that's neither here nor there Anywho during a dream she comes across Rae who is a ghost like incorporeal being hidden in Sorcha's Fairie world by Devlin another secret he kept from Sorcha Using Rae Sorcha finds she can see Seth in the mortal world through a dreamscape and decides to sleep and dream about Seth until his return which ultimately begins the decline of the High Court Fairie world Are you shaking your head in disbelief Funny thing that so was I When Devlin is sent to the mortal world by Sorcha to watch over Seth he comes across Ani and in their encounter he gets a taste of Ani's blood and finds it has a sustaining power and hold over him So basically Sorcha is distracted and sleepy thus allowing Bananach to make her move all the while Devlin is keyed into Ani's blood power Saved you another 100 pages of bore Bananach encounters Ani and commissions her to kill Seth and Niall and when she's done with that Ani must return to Bananach to give her powerful and mysterious blood so she can control the Fairie world Devlin wants to protect Ani so they take off on a 6 day road trip where they finally come to a motel both fall asleep and have a dream invaded by Rae telling Dev they need to head back to Huntsdale and bring Seth back to the Fairie world so Sleeping Beauty Sorcha can wake up The most exciting thing they accomplished on that road trip was that Ani named her steed Barry Woo hoo Here's when the story becomes mildly interesting about page 275 Back at Huntsdale they find out Bananch killed Ani's sister Tish and now Ani wants Bananach dead but unfortunately if Bananach dies BIG REVEALso does Sorcha because they balance each other and as a result all of the fairie world dies along with So Devlin vows to protect Ani at the risk of going against his mother sisters Huge spoiler coming Bananch raids Irial's house for Ani Devlin declares his allegiance and willingness to sacrifice his life to save Ani and Irial is attacked in the crossfire all in a short span of a few pages head spin At the end of this madness Ani and Devlin form another court to oppose Sorcha’s High Court and they have a three way with Rae So now we’ve got that Shadow Court a possible love triangle and I’m still wondering what the HALE happened to Keenan why is he missing and is Seth's snake being fed while Seth is away Overall I found most of Radiant Shadows boring and drawn out and I'm ready for this series to shift back to the Wicked Lovely storyline I hope Marr is done tinkering with the different courts and causing contrived strife She's overdeveloped the fairie lore as well as introduced lackluster twists that are suppose to serve as intriguing events I've got enough information that could have actually been chopped in half so hopefully she'll bring the storyline back to what originally captivated me Keenan Aislinn Donia and Seth I'm just glad there is only one book any than that and I'd be throwing in the towel yawn

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READ Ö Radiant Shadows â [PDF / Epub] ☉ Radiant Shadows By Melissa Marr – Alluring romance heart stopping danger and sinister intrigue combine in the penultimate volume of Melissa Marr's #1 New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series Half human and half faery Ani is d Alluring romance heart stopping danger and sinister in He was created as an assassin and is brother to the faeries' coolly logical High ueen and to her chaotic twin the embodiment of War Devlin wants to keep Ani safe from his sisters knowing that if he fails he will be the instrument of Ani's deathAni isn't one to be guarded while others fight battles for her t. This book centers around Ani the head Hound Gabriel's daughter and Devlin Sorcha and Bananach's brother There is almost no mention of Keenan Aislinn or Doniya I don't mind getting to know of the characters and the courts but it is a bit hard for me to keep it all straight I think they said in the book that Keenan was missing but I have no idea when that happened I did like seeing about the Hounds and Gabriel's children The idea of the Hound's steeds is pretty interesting They look like motorcycles or cars but they are alive and can change shape I wish I had a car like thatI don't really like the SorchaBananach storyline I think Sorcha is weak especially when she gets so upset that Seth isn't there that she puts the faeries to sleep Like he just left you chill out And Bananach is unnecessarily cruel and why can't they just kill her already There's all these rules that make everything harder than it needs to be and nothing is straightforward I also had a hard time understanding Rae's character Is she dead Why does she share bodies with Devlin all the time Overall it wasn't a bad story and it went by uickly I'll read the last one because I want to know what happens but I may need to spend some time on the Wiki page to get things straightened out

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Radiant ShadowsHough She has the courage to protect herself and the ability to alter Devlin's plans and his life The two are drawn together each with reason to fear the other and to fear for one another But as they grow closer a larger threat imperils the whole of Faerie Will saving the faery realm mean losing each othe. Seriously it’s ridiculous how much I’m enjoying the reread of this series This book in particular I really loved Ani and Devlin are amazing characters and I loved seeing of the world and drama unfold without a focus on Ash and Keenan who were honestly starting to annoy me I am obsessed with The Hounds and their Steeds and with Iri Niall and the dark court Give me I don’t want to read the next book and have the series be over