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Stitches and Scars Characters ↠ 2 ↠ ❮Read❯ ➵ Stitches and Scars ➸ Author Elizabeth A. Vincent – After a move out of the big city to escape heartbreak photographer Katherine Thomas embraces life in a new town With her two best friends by her side she's ready to start over and not look back DuriIrst major exhibition at a legitimate art gallery Kate expects the inevitable nerves but what she doesn't anticipate is meeting someone who with one glance leaves her breathless What happens when the charming mystery man disap. I loved this book from the first page to the last The love and passion that Ethan Kate was Palpable The sisterhood among the three girlfriends was so wonderful I wish I could have been a part of it I highly recommend this book

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After a move out of the big city to escape heartbreak photographer Katherine Thomas embraces Stitches and PDF or life in a new town With her two best friends by her side she's ready to start over and not look back During her f. This review can also be found here was very lucky not to mention excited when I received the email from GoodReads stating I'd won a copy of Stitches and Scars Regardless of if I'd won or not I had planned on picking up a copy but this made me bump it up to the number 1 spot on my TBR I dove in as soon as my copy arrived in the mail I had a million things going on the past couple of weeks and it took me longer than I would have liked to finish reading it It was too good and I didn't want to put it down when I had toKate Thomas is probably the funnest most well rounded character I've read in a while Perhaps I feel that way because she sort of reminds me of myself in some ways When she meets Ethan Montgomery she is instantly drawn to him but doesn't believe he feels the same for herKate has an awesome support system in her two best friends Elle and Sophie They work to try to prove to her she should go after Ethan even after she finds out some news that she finds disappointing Both girls are sassy and fun Probably one of my other favorite parts about Stitches is you get to see Elle and Sophie in their own relationships as well It's like a three in one deal ;After running into Ethan several times Kate finally finds out the truth about him and their love affair gets off the ground They are adorable and sweet together even through the rough patches you just know everything will work out for them I don't want to give away than what little I already have It's always nice to read something with a happy ending that isn't full of drama and angst don't get me wrong I'm a fan of that too haha I felt like I got to know these characters like they are now friends of mine You should definitely grab Stitches and Scars and give it a try You won't be disappointed

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Stitches and ScarsPears leaving Kate wanting Without even knowing his name the odds of finding him again are stacked against her Will fate intervene and if it does will her old wounds prevent her from acting on the undeniable connection she fee. In Stitches and Scars Kate enters the story realing from the heartbreak of her beat friend breaking up with her When she meets a man who reawakens her senses she must decide whether or not to let him into her life and risk being hurt again Stitches and Scars was very enjoyable to read I liked that Ethan Kate's love interest is patient with her when he learns that she is still recovering from heartache but there are times where he makes decisions without talking to Kate like he thinks he knows better than her what she wants Luckily that does not last very long and then we get to enjoy their relationship progressingI thought the way they kept running into each other in the beginning was slightly unrealistic but it made for a fun plot I enjoyed reading about Kate and Ethan getting to know each other and their friends were a riot The group as a whole seemed to be a fun and very supportive bundThe little subplot of Kate's best friend Elle falling in love with her own love interest was fun and their similar yet sometimes clashing personalities were amusing Trent was a good match for herThere were hints of danger in the book though small and the 'villains' made for entertaining reading I really liked this book and I would read it againOn an artistic note the cover for Stitches and Scars is one of my favorites I love the simplicity of it and seeing how the images tie into the plot The back cover is actually my favorite I love the tree and the font and placement of the blurb is very appealing to me In my opinion this publisher Omnific Publishing has some of the best covers