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Summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Denise Hildreth Jones Four headstrong siblings must satisfy their father's dying demands or risk losing his fortune Let The Will PDF the clash of wills beginCharleston blue blood Clayton Wilcott got religion late in life so late it turns out his kids nev. 35I really enjoyed the southern setting in this book I have a weakness for live oak trees spanish moss and descriptions of salt marshes and this story placed me right there among that beauty The plot was one that felt fresh to me and I enjoyed watching the growth in the main characters Although I enjoyed this novel I would not recommend it to everyone Even though it was published through Thomas Nelson it reads much edgy than the typical Christian read I feel like I needed this read at this time in my life though It reminded me that there is always room to love better live happier and live with a purpose with others in mind I am looking forward to trying books by this author My slightly lower rating is because I wanted to see stronger character development for the first half of the book and I wish the revealing of the executor was written with a stronger finish of an impact on the characters and the reader

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review î The Will of Wisteria 108 Ý ❰Download❯ ➽ The Will of Wisteria Author Denise Hildreth Jones – Four headstrong siblings must satisfy their father's dying demands or risk losing his fortune Let the clash of wills beginCharleston blue blood Clayton Wilcott got religion late in life; so late it tu Fo Nt of wisteria lingers in the air as the four spoiled Wilcotts battle for their birthright Told in Denise Hildreth's trademark blend of humor and heart this Southern tale is about learning to love learning to live and learning to be. When a wealthy man dies his four grown children are told at the first reading of his will that they have one year until the final reading In that year the attorney doctor antiue lover and student must work pro bono with no contact at their current businesses These spoiled adults are stunned and at first try to see if it's a hoax Eventually three of them wizened up and start making positive changes in their lives The student and youngest however never stops thinking it's a fraternity prank or some such thing Although some aspects seem a tad predictable in the outcome how it gets their is simply good writing The characters are believable and watching them grow in understanding is good reading This is one of her earlier works and I count it one of my favorites

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The Will of WisteriaEr took to it So he's left a provisional will delivered in a highly unorthodox wayNow they're going to have to honor Daddy's commandments from beyond the grave for a full year or be cut off from their substantial inheritancesThe sce. Family Can’t live with them – Can’t live without them – or can weDenise Hildreth gives you a sneak peek into a rich dysfunctional family at it’s extreme Denise’s story unfolds though the children of Elijah Clayton Wilcott IIElizabeth is a successful attorney who owns her own business She’s headstrong passionate and full of hostility for her father and brother JefferyJeffery is the oldest brother who is a very successful plastic surgeon He is wrapped up in a world of his selfish desires and hasn’t a clue about family; how to be a husband or father He doesn’t see the importance of either oneMary Catherine is a woman born to travel She fly’s around with her husband to experience new places and collect interesting and fun items Work for a living – Not herThen there’s Will the baby in the family who is a professional student He is the president of his fraternity and may never graduate Work He is having way too much fun in college The babes love him Fraternity parties now that’s where it’s at for WillLife as Elizabeth Jeffery Mary Catherine and Will know it is about to be over after they are read the terms of their fathers will Elijah Clayton Wilcott wants them to do the unthinkable for a whole year All the children think he has got to be kidding This had to be some extreme joke Not No money for any of the children that do not comply with their late father’s wishes They can’t believe their father would do this to them Who else could they talk to There had to be a way around these demands so they could get the money now The Wilcott children all had money but their father had so much You can never have too much money was their mind set There had to be a way to beat this Each one was determined to find that way on their ownDenise says this about herself “The one thing I believe the Lord has gifted me to do is to take the human relationship and strip it down to the place we all live She does this so well It’s very true in this book and the others I have read by her On the surface this seems like a light hearted fun book a no brainer But after reading a few chapters I felt that Denise had a way of pirecing my heart and mind as I read this story After a while I started to feel uncomfortable as I read about the Wilcott children struggling with the situations they found themselves in I found myself searching my soul my motives hurts in my life and the lives of others around me I walked away from this book knowing that in the middle of the “stuff” of life the good bad and the ugly God sets us up for victory Denise says “He surrounds each of us with everything necessary to winEach of us will taste “life” It’s inevitable But each of us has been given every necessary tool for our refining our taming our potential In the end it’s a matter of our willWill we trust God with our whole life our dreams our heart or not This is a powerfully moving book It will change your life and the way you look at people and yourself if you let it I highly recommend this book and the other books that Denise has writtenDisclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”Nora StLaurentThe Book Club Network wwwbookfunorgThe Book Club Network blog wwwpsalm516blogspotcom Book Fun Magazine wwwbookfunmagazinecom