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The Second Part of Henry the Sixt with the death of the Good Duke Humfrey Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ❄ The Second Part of Henry the Sixt with the death of the Good Duke Humfrey kindle Epub ❦ Author William Shakespeare – Gym-appareShakespeare's Henry VI plays dramatize contemporary as Part of Kindle #211 much as Elizabethan issues the struggle for power the m. Not uite as good as Henry VI Part I perhaps because by its very nature it possesses no beginning and no end The first four acts halfway between the political disputes of the uncles and the factional and dynastic struggles of the Wars of the Roses are necessarily episodic and often seem formless Shakespeare is learning his craft here and he often over relies on lengthy monologues and solilouys to reveal character and motivation There are good scenes here often involving commoners and commonsense observations Gloucester's debunking of a bogus miracle Warwick's forensic analysis of Gloster's corpse Jack Cade's ignorant vitality but these virtues are overshadowed by the shallow vituperative rhetoric Then in Act Five the Wars between York and Lancaster begin in earnest and with the arrival of the hunchbacked Gloster and his enemy Young Clifford the verse takes on a new subtlety and intensity This change is exciting almost as if the genius of Shakespeare had first taken charge right here in the last act of this old play

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Anoeuvres of politicians social unrest civil war This edition draws on experience of the play in rehearsal and performance to focu. Burn all the records of the realm My mouth shall be the Parliament of England Shakespeare Henry VI Part 2 Act IV7So I liked Part 2 of Henry VI a lot better than Part 1 It still isn't Hamlet but it is complicated funny twisted in parts One of my favorite aspects of the play are the scenes with ueen Margaret and Suffolk No They aren't great people but they are a great couple Their parting is amazing and poetic My other favorite part is well anything with Jack CadeSir John Mortimer how can you not love a guy who knights himself He is one of those great populists in literature and history belonging on the shelf next to Huey Long and Donald Trump Dammit I'm trying to avoid Trump by reading the classics and I come across Cade and the Butcher and all their anti intellectual followers Burn the accountants and kill all the lawyers We march on Washington DC boysThere were also several nice lines specifically― “The first thing we do let's kill all the lawyers”― Let them obey that knows not how to rule”― Could I come near your beauty with my nailsI could set my ten commandments in your face”― My shame will not be shifted with my sheet ― A staff is uickly found to beat a dog― So he be dead; for that is good conceitWhich mates him first that first intends deceit― For where thou art there is the world itselfWith every several pleasure in the world;And where thou art not desolation― If I depart from thee I cannot liveAnd in thy sight to die what were it elseBut like a pleasant slumber in thy lap― This way fall I to death― Because my book preferred me to the kingAnd seeing ignorance is the curse of GodKnowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven

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The Second Part of Henry the Sixt with the death of the Good Duke HumfreyS The Second PDFEPUB or on both its theatricality and contemporary relevance in a wide ranging introduction and detailed commentar. My goodness what did I just read Will buddy no Just noThis second part about King Henry VI starts with him getting married to Margaret of Anjou who by the way was penniless but he wanted her nevertheless In Shakespeare's play she's the lover of Suffolk not true but the rumour was spread in order to defame her since the English had a problem with a French ueen Gloucester is the Lancaster's counterpart in parliament and thus to the ueen but through Suffolk Gloucester's wife is led to witchcraft then arrested and exiled which is a scandal for her husband diminishing his power Looong story short there is lots and LOTS of intrigue at court even than in the previous part only this time including a ueen that refuses to be an adornment but gets very heavily involved in politics culminating in Suffolk killing Gloucester through assassins historically not accurate but so much effective in a play Oh and in the play Richard of York voices his claim on the throne at this point already at least to some who swear him loyalty also not trueSeriously this first half or so of the play was just hurtfulThen however we get pirates And for once I didn't care that much that it wasn't true because it was exciting Harhar ;PYork is sent to Ireland supposedly to end a revolt but actually to be out of the way but instructs an agent Cade to stage a rebellion the rebellion really took place but it's highly unlikely that York had anything to do with it he just wanted to benefit from it The parts about the rebellion were wonderfully awash with blood and terror and I enjoyed it uite a bit I mean Shakespeare didn't have to change much here since Cade went from hero of the common folk to thieving and dishonourable betrayer all on his own which made him loseAnd then suddenly shit really hits the fan when York returns with an army And this is where York would become unpopular with me if I didn't know the true historical facts because he declares himself another King of England in the play after causing Henry VI to flee The truth is that he never did that instead he repeatedly to the point of stupidity kept silent about his claim and swore loyalty to the weakling king pointing out that his grievance was with the king's advisers At a certain point York promises to stop his campaign if his chief rival Somerset is imprisoned but he is betrayed historically inaccurate again it was not so much a planned betrayal as a string of unlucky coincidences coupled with Henry VI's weakness again and thus declares his claim on the throne officially not true at this point in time prompting again a who will choose which rose scene However thank goodness all this build up ends in a nice battle at St Albans where Somerset is finally killed he was like a cockroach I sooo wanted him to finally die already and Margaret flees with the king and the son of the now dead Somerset it's just one damned Somerset after another I swearThis was so hard to get through and I was very much tempted to just skim and skip to the better bits I had been told they were there But I persevered and the second half actually a bit less really was much better having taken up considerably in pace Still just like the first part this just couldn't convince me Maybe it really has something to do with the fact that these two parts were written so early in Shakespeare's career and he yet had to hone his skill I don't know Regarded as one work they really are important for the overview but the execution is somewhat lacking unfortunately