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PDF ï BOOK The Unadulterated Cat FREE ´ [Reading] ➬ The Unadulterated Cat ➳ Terry Pratchett – Gym-apparel.co.uk Terry Pratchett took a side step away from Discworld in The Unadulterated Cat a hilarious insight into the world of the feline Amusingly illustrated by cartoonist Gray Jolliffe Pratchett delivers a wo Terry PratchWill be hard pressed not to smile at Not uite a replacement for a Discworld novel but your sides will split just the same Jonathan We I'm a dog person than a cat person and I never had a cat in my life My husband grew up among cats though and with his stories in mind I read this short book It was funny wonderful and catly

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Ly illustrated by cartoonist Gray Jolliffe Pratchett delivers a wonderfully funny collection of anecdotes that anyone cat owner or not This book is for cat lovers And actually also for people who aren't This book makes hilarious fun of the way we let cats treat us but also makes the important distinction between REAL cats and those whiny ass pretty things that people groom for TV adsI am a cat lover My family has had several cats and although I like animals in general nothing will take cats' place except for owls my number ones but please don't tell the furballs or they'll lynch me Currently the only cat in the family is my grandmother's and let me tell you she's the perfect example of what a NOT REAL cat looks like and behaves Sheesh Yeah she can look cute but in a dumb way is afraid of birds when they fly by the window I kid you not she's hiding under the couch for solid 5 minutes every time couldn't kill a mouse if her life depended on it been there done that TWICE and is a horrible diva not even in a catty way Perhaps it has something to do with the poor creature getting brainwashed by my grandmother's Volksmusik that plays in the background in her apartment from early morning when she gets up to early night when she goes to sleep Suffice it to say I take pity on the poor thingTerry Pratchett in his distinct funny way tells us what REAL cats ought to be like not very pretty but very independent sadistically playing with their humans smart and uniue I've had a cat like that and it was a joy having him in my life Nerino this one's for youEvery pet owner but especially cat owners has countless stories to tell about their pet here cat having been adorably clumsy giving you that God human you are so stupid look or giving you a run for your money Terry Pratchett has collected some of them in here interspersed with witty general observations and even a little bit of history when it comes to comparing the evolution of dogs from wolves to the sudden appearance of cats and their often hostile takeoverBy the way yes Sir Terry was OF COURSE a cat owner and cat lover Here he is with one of his cats not sure which magic he had to apply to make it pose for the picture it might have simply been the cat establishing dominance P but it's just one thing for which to worship the manRead this for seeing yourself in many chapters; read this for the laughs Just read it

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The Unadulterated CatTerry Pratchett took a side step away from Discworld in The Unadulterated Cat a hilarious insight into the world of the feline Amusing It is a commonly known fact among those that travel to the Disc that Death likes catsHonestly the uickest way to get Death angry is to be mean to a catSomehow this doesn't make losing a beloved cat any eaiser but reading this book sure did make me laugh and made me feel a little better Pratchett is very good at thatPratchett aided by some wonderful cartoons by Gray Jolliffe presents a case for real cats Not frou frou cats but real cats You know smelly ones ugly ones ones that would eat dogs if they were biggerBut dogs are better They really are They wag tails They keep you warm at night Cats just try to push you off the bed And why since I'm pausing are dog people friendly to other animals than cat people? I and other dog people will take in stray cats But you never ever hear of a cat person taking in a stray dogAs I am writing this I share a house with two real cats and a nice scruffy dog who wants to drag to India Just over a week ago it was three cats and one dogAll three cats wereare real catsThe dog is a real dog tooIt's true that my real cats do not have the run of a garden like Pratchett's cats seem to I don't let them out to murder kill play with cute little birds and mice Unlike some people I live on a trolley route and I have seen what trollies can do to cats It ain't pretty There is also the BIG ENTIRE TOM who controls the neighborhood and even has people scared of him He is real cat who mostly likely is also SatanBut I agree completely with Pratchett Any cat owner who reads this book will be laughing while shouting YES YES EXACTLYIf you own a frou frou cat you will be greatly confused I would advise you to go get a real cat Yes even you Bond villian BTW according to Pratchett at Christmas the British celebrate the birth of James Bond tTHis explains so muchIN this book you will witness the tale of the cat and the flypaper The cat the owner and the neighbor's gerbil tower Though my friend has this story beat He came home to find that his three indoor cats had left a dead and bloody bird in the middle of his bedPratchett also details what breeds of cats we might have had if dogs hadn't existed I take issue with this because I know for a fact that my female cat is a tabby retriever crossed with a pit bull catThe cartoons are great and even present a new and hopoefully successful way to pill a cat