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Free download Ï The Turuoise Lament ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ [Reading] ➰ The Turuoise Lament ➸ John D. MacDonald – One of the most enduring and unusual heroes in detective fictionTHE BALTIMORE SUNNow that Linda Pidge Lewellen is grown up she tells Travis McGee oncOod idol that either she's going crazy or Howie her affable ex jock of a husband is trying to kill her McGee checks things out and gives Pidge the all clear But. Linda Lewellen nicknamed Pidge from childhood is the lady in distress this time but the connection is weighted with a history Travis and Meyer worked with her father an academic whose real vocation was serious and very lucrative underwater treasure hunting Gutsy impulsive motherless and insecure a 17 year old Pidge stowed away on Travis's boat the Busted Flush and attempted a probative seduction Travis delivered her back to her father of course and a year later Pidge went off to college Two years later her father Professor Ted died in a motorcycle accident and Pidge inherited her father's boat the Trepid and a sizable trust fund Mom dead Dad dead college boyfriend dumped it was a difficult time for Pidge Vulnerable Pidge married stolid Howie Brindle an engaging deck hand who was helping to maintain the Trepid It all happened so uickly The couple embarked on a round the world cruise on the Trepid and now a year later Pidge has called Travis from Hawaii She's troubled Travis and Meyer both took a paternal interest in Pidge and the memory of the 15 year old innocent he first met is still strong Moreover Travis owes a debt to Professor Ted The professor saved his life in a particularly ugly barroom attack A vicious drunk went after Travis with a metal studded fishing clubTHE TURUOISE LAMENT finds Travis in a contemplative mood Pidge is no longer an adolescent and when he meets her in Hawaii the realization though pleasant is also a reminder that Travis is not getting any younger Mortality is a persistent presence in this book Travis has a nightmare about the bully that nearly killed him until Professor Ted intervened – only in the dream he dies Each new year at Bahia Mar seems to be a woozy remembrance of past faces dimmed over time The count is increasing of those who have moved on retired or died – life's passages laid out like a deck of cards always ending with the ace of spades The timing is also bad for Travis Another new year is approaching He cannot help but notice the age difference between fellow diver Frank Hayes and Hayes' employees at his Seven Seas Ltd salvage operation Although it's been only a year since he last saw him Travis barely recognizes Rine Houk a veteran boat dealer Houk is wearing an ill fitting rug attempting unsuccessfully to look younger The effect is embarrassing and Travis tells him as much A major event in the story is that Meyer passes out and is rushed by ambulance to the hospitalTravis is at first skeptical of Pidge's fears and he persuades her that she is the victim of her own repressed stress Then Frank Hayes shows up Frank had worked on Professor Ted's crew along with Travis and Meyer and has an interesting story to relate as well as a uestion that up to then had been overlooked Travis digs further He begins to unravel some lies that had been buried in the pastOf the three Travis McGee books I've read so far this was my favorite There's a consistency in the action Travis wavers between two images adolescent Pidge and adult 'Lew Ellen' When the inevitable occurs between Travis and Pidge Travis's mind fills with a collage of memories “That and other memories of her were strangely merged with the sweet and immediate realities of her the here and nowness of her so that I seemed to live in the past and present all at onceShe was a temptation out of the past served up on some kind of eternal lazy Susan so that it had come by once again and this time we had taken it” p87 I fell in love with the character of Meyer in THE SCARLET RUSE and Meyer has a large and active role in this book providing names of contacts alternate hypotheses and uiet erudition to Travis A typical example is a pithy uote from Gian Gravina “'A bore is a person who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company'”p179 The story follows a classic pattern Untruths are gradually stripped away Polished manners and wealthy facades dissolve into underlying corruption and greedy self interest The plot was totally satisfying a thriller that begins slowly and gradually accelerates as danger mounts with each tick of the clockNumerous supporting characters are introduced They do than simply nudge the plot along They come alive through physical description and mannerisms One of the most memorable is Gabe Marchman a retired wartime photographer whose career ended when he stepped on a booby trap Currently he is a troubleshooter and high priced consultantThe customary rants this time against lawyers and the despoiling of Samoa by big business interests as always have a contemporary resonance view spoilerFinally there is a wistful conclusion that pulls the reader in closer to Travis McGee “Two people totally blissfully blindly in love And gradually it became apparent that there was only one person in love and the other one was merely repeating lines which had once been spontaneous going through the motions which used to be bliss Excuses have a hollow sound Lies have an earnest tacky melody” p286 OK – time for another Plymouth Gin hide spoiler

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One of the most enduring and unusual heroes in detective fictionTHE BALTIMORE SUNNow that Linda Pidge Lewellen is grown up she tells Travis McGee once her girlh. This is one of those books that’s a little tricky to review because I have to give up a fair amount of plot to discuss what I found so ridiculous about it but it's all part of the basic set up If you know that you’re reading a crime novel andor are familiar with Travis McGee it’s pretty obvious how things will play out Plus I’m not giving up anything about the ending so I’m not going to spoiler tag the whole review but if you haven’t read and you don’t want to know too much you should probably skip this oneThe old Sea Cock really outdid himself this timeWhen Pidge Llewellen was a teenage girl she had a huge crush on Travis McGee and her treasure hunting father once saved his life so he feels than a little protective of her After her father was killed in an accident McGee and his friend Meyer made sure she received the sizable inheritance she was owed as well as vetted her prospective husband Howie Brindle After their wedding Pidge and Howie set off on a cruise around the world in a small boatMonths later Travis gets a call from Pidge in Hawaii asking for help When he arrives Pidge tells him that either she’s crazy or Howie is trying to kill her She claims several weird incidents happened at sea but when Travis talks to Howie the big friendly lug is hurt and confused at his wife’s claims and behaviorConvinced that the man is telling the truth McGee gets Pidge drunk and to admit that she doesn't love Howie Travis assures her that all the odd stuff was just her poor little female mind being unable to cope at failing when she picked a mate Reassured Pidge bangs McGee for a couple of days to prove his theory right She then tells Howie that they’ll need to split but he convinces her to sail the boat to meet a buyer at Poga Poga before they call a divorce lawyerSatisfied at his efforts as a marriage counselor and psychologist McGee returns to Florida where he immediately begins nailing even women than usual Whatever could have driven him to this state Examining his own heart McGee finds that he has fallen in love with Pidge and coincidently he gets a letter from her proclaiming her own love and saying that they’ll start a life of bliss together right after she gets done with this risky ocean voyage alone with the husband she recently informed of her wish to divorce and that she once thought might be trying to kill herAt first McGee is ecstatic but then he belatedly figures out that Howie is a total sociopath involved with a complicated scheme regarding Pidge’s inheritance With no way to reach Pidge all McGee can do is investigate Howie’s past and be waiting to see if Pidge is still alive when the boat reaches Poga PogaThis could have been a great story maybe even a turning point in the series if it had played up the angle of how badly McGee botched this and left a woman he cares for at the mercy of a killer Heroes are interesting when they make mistakes and having the star of a series like this completely fail and try to atone for it should make for an entertaining book The problem here is that MacDonald makes McGee such a goddamn know it all The off topic monologues that Travis indulges in are usually one of the charms of the series for me when he was reflecting on life in an increasingly homogenized and corporatized America However in this one it seems like ole Trav knows best about everything from boat maintenance to hotel management to the safety records of cable cars Since his work involves mixing it up with various kinds of shady people he also freuently points out all the ways that the simple sheep of the world get slaughtered by the wolves and how he’s much too cautious and smart to fall for any of those tricksSo he looks pretty damn ridiculous because he never once seems to consider the idea that he gave his blessing to a young man he knew little about so that he could marry a wealthy young lady and then sail away with her After Pidge tells him she’s worried about being murdered including one incident where the husband admitted that he fired a gun in her direction McGee is so certain that he’s diagnosed and treated with sex Pidge’s problem that it never even crosses his mind that Howie might be a bad guy Even if you believed that there was no possibility that Pidge had been in danger before it seems odd that McGee doesn’t show the slightest concern that she’d be alone for weeks at sea with the husband she's leaving I mean what the shit I would expect a cynical student of nature to maybe think that putting a couple with a pending divorce alone in a goddamn boat in the middle of the goddamn ocean wouldn’t be a great idea under the best of circumstances let alone when either the husband has tried to kill her already or the cheese has slipped off her crackerMcGee has had some pretty severe character defects through the course of this series but this is the first time I just thought he was a complete moron from page one

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The Turuoise LamentWhen Pidge and Howie sail away to kiss and make up McGee has second The Turuoise PDFEPUBthoughts If only he can get to Pidge before he has time for any thinkin. 4 stars As usual with my reviews please first read the publisher’s blurbsummary of the book Thank you 27% Ouch Something so wrong and out of character here for McGee I almost uit the book Wowview spoilerMcGee betrays his honest intermediary duty here hide spoiler