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Zombie Ohio review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Zombie Ohio By Scott Kenemore – Gym-apparel.co.uk When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak he is reborn as a highly intelligent yet somewhat amnesiac member of the living dead With society When rural OhioIs strange zombie “afterlife” to solve his own murder Skillfully combining the genres of horror humor and film noir Zombie Ohio weaves an enthralling and innovative tale that any fan of the current zombie craze is sure to relish Followers of detective and horror fiction alike will find something to love about Zombie Ohio a tale of murder mystery and the walking dea. This was a fun zombie book told from the POV of the zombie himself While not the first I’ve read from this perspective it is the first where the zombie retained his humanity and could control his desires to eat everyone’s brains It was a bit longer than I would have liked it felt a bit dragged down by all the walking in the countryside Also there was no explanation for the dead coming to life and then the sudden stop of this phenomenon It was mentioned in the story itself that they didn’t know why it happened but this felt like a bit of a cop out While not the best I’ve read this would still go on my list of zombie books I would recommendif you like zombies that is

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Proclivities try to kill him at nearly every opportunity His old friends are loath to associate with him And he finds himself inconveniently addicted to the gooey stuff inside of people’s heads As if all this weren’t bad enough Peter soon learns that his automobile accident was no accident at all Faced with the harrowing mystery of his death Peter resolves to use h. I am very surprised at the rave reviews I was really looking forward to this but it did not live up to the hype First the pros I really liked the story being told from the POV of the zombie it was a fresh take The setting in an Ohio college town was also uniue as so many of these stories take place in or near a major city The car wreck and amnesia all worked I enjoyed the first 50 pages and then it all went down hill This really would have been great as a short storyThe cons are too many to list You never felt for anybody in the story I was not on Peters side or the humans side This ia a major flaw In a good zombie story you are rooting for one of the sides There never was a moment where I was scared another huge flaw in this genre We never got to know Peter or his girlfriend so I could care less what happened to them and I didn't care if they ever reunited Peter was a very unlikeable character and not in an antihero wayToo much wondering not enough action Peter got bored as a zombie and I was bored as the reader We never knew what side he was on one minute he is with the zombies the next with the humansLast when this first took place the zombie outbreak had only been going on for 3 weeks Peter said people were already jaded at that point in 3 weeks Nobody would be jaded by zombies in 3 weeksIf you want to read a really fun scary zombie book read Married with Zombies or Flip this Zombie

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Zombie OhioWhen rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak he is reborn as a highly intelligent yet somewhat amnesiac member of the living dead With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life Peter uickly learns that being a zombie isn’t all fun and brains Humans unsympathetic generally to his new. I don't read zombie genres In fact I can only remember two books related to zombies that I had read This one came to me by accident when I saw the advertisement and the reviews were uite positive So I decided to give it a goAnd BOY was I mesmerizedI enjoy reading this story a tale coming from the zombie rather than the humans Of course the zombie Professor of Philosophy Peter Mellor isn't like any other zombies He can still talk and think although yes he eats brains I find his story to be funny but also thoughtful This is a story how Peter finds redemption as a zombie because when he was a human apparently he was a jerk and a coward His voice is funny and fresh from the moment he said Braaaains I was hooked There are moments that baits big smile from me like this I hadn't thought that I or the original Peter Mellor had been a good man exactly but neither did I think I'd been some sort of Hitler was an oversexed disappointment who'd started drinking too much true But I had called only for the annexation of liuor bottles and vaginas not PolandIn his new life as the undead Peter tries to become some sort of moral Zombie he doesn't eat good people he draws line in killing children Although there are second part of the book where Peter goes in killing rampage with his band of Zombies whom he gives names to like Hunter Rock Star Mario and Mr Turk when he develops hatred to human and thinks that he is better than people But then there is redemption and we also find out the reason why Peter diedThis book has everything humor action and gore yes there ARE scenes of Zombies eating brain friendship mystic that includes a turkey yes a real turkey you just have to read it for yourself thoughtful moments and even romance in a way I love it