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AfleggjarinnEn route pour une ancienne roseraie du continent avec dans ses bagages deux ou trois boutures de Rosa candida Arnljótur part s. I'm a little obsessed with Iceland It's a gorgeous country and produces some amazing literature Bragi Olafsson's The Pets ranks among my favorite books of all time so I was thrilled when I came across Au∂ur Ava Olafsdottir's The Greenhouse; it's not every day that an English translation of a contemporary Icelandic literary title comes my way This is a uiet novel written in a crisp and direct style in that way it reminds me of Murakami though the comparison ends there Lobbi is a young man in his early twenties struggling to come to terms with the recent death of his mother as well as the recent birth of his daughter the latter the result of a one night stand in the former's beloved greenhouse He accepts a job tending a world famous rose garden overseas where he befriends a film buff priest Over time Lobbi cultivates a rich inner life alongside the ailing rose garden while occasionally phoning his seventy seven year old father to help him decipher his late wife's recipes When the mother of his child contacts him one day to ask if he'll watch their daughter Flora Sol for a month while she completes her thesis Lobbi isn't sure he's ready for the responsibility but he accepts anywayThat's the basic premise of the book What I found most fascinating about this book aside from the sheer pleasure of Olafsdottir's prose was the believability of Lobbi as a fully fleshed out man It's notoriously difficult for an author to write outside their gender but Olafsdottir really hit it out of the park here I recognized so much of my early twenties in Lobbi The particulars are uniue to him as a character but the emotional landscape of a young man coming to terms with life's twin crucible of grief and joy is universal It's strange in many ways The Greenhouse is a small book the stakes are never particularly high the movements are subtle the most dramatic action occurs before the narrative moment yet while reading it and still after I found it to be expansive in a compact way I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it's the type of book that consumes you while remaining a very contained thing maybe like a bonsai or a scale model of a skyscraperIf you liked this make sure to follow me on Goodreads for reviews

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E cinéphileSuite à son succès en France Rosa candida a été traduit et est en cours de traduction dans une uinzaine de pays. It was a simple subtle and uiet book and yet I found myself consumed by it by the little things It's one of those books that deal with the bigger issues of life through the lens of small insignificant things like roses dinners movies and days spent in a hospital I strongly feel that I will reread it over the years

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Afleggjarinn review Ö 5 Ò [Reading] ➶ Afleggjarinn By Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir – En route pour une ancienne roseraie du continent avec dans ses bagages deux ou trois boutures de Rosa candida Arnljótur part sans le savoir à la rencontre d’Anna et de sa petite fille là bas dans En route pour une ancienne roseraie du continAns le savoir à la rencontre d’Anna et de sa petite fille là bas dans un autre éden oublié du monde et gardé par un moin. I read the Italian translation nota al traduttore e all'editore su do di io do l'accento NON ci va Ma insomma dove avete studiatoThis is the story of the Icelandic Forrest Gump He has a retarded brother but he has some serious issues too I disagree with many reviewers who see him as a real regular almost typical 22 yo man Let's put it out there before anyone misses it this guy is border line autistic Things happen to him and to his body often as if he was watching them on a screen Yes teenagers live a bit like that but they don't rationalize that condition constantly like this guy does and they tend to express themselves in one way or the other while this guy is totally passive Now is that particularly Icelandic Or is this something the author wanted to create I don't know I know that aside from the normal issues of a twenty year old this man has other very peculiar issues very serious communication problems and as I said some autistic traits Let me be frank If this simple delicate book was not from an Icelandic author I don't know if anyone would have published it The young father with baby plot has been used many times and with better coherent results by Nick Hornby and other writers Iceland Iceland is the reason why I and probably many others ended up reading this book On the other hand simpliciy and uiet are the actual charm of the book so I understand the readers who fell in love with it for its soothing effect But uiet and delicate are attributes that very easily overlap with bland and diluted Nothing stands out in the whole story nothing jumps off the page an idea an individual a feeling It is like one of those sweet melodies that might be pleasant to listen to while they're playing but that once finished are immediately forgotten