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READ & DOWNLOAD Ï Finder Vol 09 · ➼ [Reading] ➾ Finder Vol 09 By Carla Speed McNeil ➱ – Designed as a jumping on point for new readers Voice follows Rachel Grosvenor as she navigates the high pressure social gauntlet that is her clan's conformation process competing for knighthood in an Designed as a jumpMaze of Anvard and fast She's certain wandering family friend Jaeger Ayers would know where to start but where do you turn when you need to find a finder And what if you dig up one of the stray cat's payback minded enemies firs. It's good I've been less then pleased with the past couple of Finder collections but with this one I feel McNeil is back at the top of her gameThe story focuses on Rachel who may be the least interesting of the Grosvenor Lockhart children but this story hints that she'll have a pretty interesting adulthood Lynne gets some good scenes but most of his story remains untold Chief Coward also makes an appearance in which he is his usual awesome self though he spends most of the story unconsciousJaeger view spoilerdoesn't show up at all hide spoiler

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Designed as a jumping on point for new readers Voice follows Rachel Grosvenor as she navigates the high pressure social Finder Vol ePUB #10003 gauntlet that is her clan's conformation process competing for knighthood in an atte. Edit I am finally reading the first volume and enjoying it a lot although I still find the fake Indian stuff kind of iffy Also noted that at the beginning they were actually called Indian and then she switched to naming them AsciansI don't know how or when I ordered this drunk nor did I know reading that it was volume 9 not indicated anywhere in the text itself but it is fascinating and bizarre and despite not being my usual sort of thing it was very well executed in general and would have gotten another star had it not been for the Ascian minority being an offensively cliched portrayal of North American Indians with some Caribbean thrown in

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Finder Vol 09Mpt to win security for her mother and sister Lynne however can take care of himself But when the heirloom that's key to her eligibility is stolen Rachel faces the impossible task of recovering it from the sprawling layer cake. Rachel Grosvenor is a young lady faced with a set of challenges To get anywhere in her world she has to win a beauty contest for which she is ill suited and the night before the finals she is mugged thereby losing the ring she must have to stay in contention Her attempt to cajole a judge into giving her a replacement ring by doing him or her a favor comes to naught and the one person who might be able to find the ring an ex boyfriend of her mother’s is elusive if not evanescent I should say first off that 1 I do not typically read graphic novels – this is only my second and 2 I have here jumped into the middle of a series So discount what I have to say accordinglyTo me the most enjoyable things about this book are the author’s imagination and her apparent enthusiasm for the work both of which come through in the design of the world she has imagined and in her uh storyboarding or whatever the term is to describe the geometry of action on the page The world is rather like Earth displaced perhaps 50 years’ worth of IT into the future but with a culture knocked sideways to allow for a society so obsessed with the female form that even men acuire imitation boobs and no one is uite sure of other people’s true gender The intricate social context with its competing and specialized clans and their sponsored gangs is espaliered on a vertically oriented city whose nether uarters are always darkAs I say McNeil’s imagination also shows in her artistry—the deployment of content across her panels the play of light and dark the care taken with architectural background and context the insouciant halving of a character when something else in the frame deserves space the wildly exaggerated shouting emphases on words that sometimes can’t even fit in their bubbles The book repays attention to detailThese pluses helped make up for a story line that seemed to me somewhat lacking in dramatic focus and drive As I’ve already indicated uite a bit is hung out there in the early going—whether Rachel will win her contest which is dependent on whether she’ll find the ring which is dependent on her finding someone who’ll help her find it So there’s a good deal of potential for suspense but little materializes because so much of the book is spent on her seeking the finder and it doesn’t seem like she’s getting that much closerOn a deeper level apparently this is supposed to be something of a coming of age story in which Rachel finds her “voice” as it were But our hero is such a cipher in the early going that it’s a little hard to understand where she’s coming from which obscures her growth into someone different different from what So if I couldn’t track the change in Rachel how did I know this was a coming of age story Because McNeil told me so The book concludes with a set of notes which I found helpful in some respects They provided some useful background on the society its technology and some of the characters and clarified the occasionally obscure plot point But enough would have been enough These notes address nearly every page of the book proper It took me almost as long to read them as it did the comic I’m not a fan of authors’ jabbering on about their work not in detail at