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Buddha Standard TimeAwealth of inspiration and practical tips for enjoying the Kingdom of God thePure Buddha Standard PDF or Land of the Buddha now Thich Nhat Hanh bestselling author of Peace Is EveryStepFornewcomers to Buddhism and non Buddhists interested in universal wisdom and‘old hands’. I found this a little disappointing really There are some nice meditative practices explained and some interesting scientific theory about the benefits of meditation Other than that I didn't feel it offered anything very astounding and was a little too lacking in the Buddha aspect of Buddha Standard Time for me personally It had a self help for stressed out executives vibe about it which wasn't really what I was looking for Not a bad book but not exactly life changing either I think if you want to read about living mindfully in the moment you would be better with any of Thich Nhat Han's books

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free read Buddha Standard Time ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❰Epub❯ ➞ Buddha Standard Time Author Surya Das – Awealth of inspiration and practical tips for enjoying the Kingdom of God thePure Land of the Buddha now —Thich Nhat Hanh bestselling author of Peace Is EveryStepForneAt practice    Das promises nothing less than a liberatedlife freed from angst over the tyranny of time though the practice of lovingpresence Sylvia Boorstein author of Happiness Is An Inside JobInternationallyrenowned meditation scholar Lama Surya Das delivers a penetra. My first official audiobook This had a lot of good tips and tricks for being mindful and present and the narrator's voice was very soothing I find it very awesome that I finished an entire book while at work it makes me feel very accomplished

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Ting and practicalguide to discovering the power of living fully in the now In the tradition ofthe Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness and Noah Levine’s Heartof the Revolution Buddha Standard Time is a roadmap to discoveringyour own inner kingdom of awareness patience and lo. I enjoyed the cross cultural and religious references in this book which really helped make it accesible to people who do not necessarily believe in Buddhism I did however think that the author wasn't always ualified to use draw certain scientific conclusions from evidence that he had gathered probably in short articles or from newspapers The methods of meditating were useful and should help anyone who reads the book Overall I think it is an enlightening experiance and would definately recommend it to anyone who is interested in meditation as a form of stress relief