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Dream Angus The Celtic God of Dreams Free download ↠ 107 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Dream Angus The Celtic God of Dreams ✎ Alexander McCall Smith – Gym-apparel.co.uk Part of a series of books containing myths as retold by first rank contemporary authors this is Alexander McCall Smith's telling of the Celtic myth oPart of a series of The Celtic PDFEPUB #194 books containing myths as retold by first rank contemporary authors this is Alexander McCall Smith's tel. In this interpretation of a classic Celtic myth rewritten by Alexander McCall Smith of mystery novel fame we discover the life and times of Angus God of Dreams A clever lovely young God with a penchant for birds and pigs Angus is a bringer of happiness In McCall's version Angus's ancient myth is presented alongside contemporary fictional tales of his influence on several individuals The stories are touching in and of themselves but the way in which they are interwoven with the very traditional life story of Angus creates a dynamic that is unmatched by modern retellings of many historic myths Whether you are a purveyor of Celtic myth or a first time reader Dream Angus is fable worth falling into

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Ling of the Celtic myth of Dream Angus a god of love youth beauty and also the bringer of dreams He is cherished by all Dream Angus PDFEPUB or but f. Rating 35 of fiveA very interesting idea for a series this Retell the classic myths of the world from a new perspective only a serious point is to be made Myths are the stories of our collective unconscious and can always bear updatingIt works out well in Dream Angus in large part because McCall Smith is Dream Angus's little brother He creates magical invisible kingdoms of thought and convinces the millions that they're real and they're worth visiting time after time after time Isabel Dalhousie novels No 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyThe Irish myth of Dream Angus the god of love dreams and youth is a cloud based upon a shadow based upon the movement of the breeze p xiv hardcover edition uite a trinity to get stuck with Obstreperous illogical wilful things to be god of all three McCall Smith gently deflects the breeze in his desired directions and weaves the mythic base into modern stories of Angus's doin's in this world I don't think he did a brilliant job of this but it's a tough technical challenge to tackle I rated the book down a whole star for its heterosexism It's explicit and it rankled meBut the lushness of Angus and of his beautiful self aware selflessness in doing all the things he does for humanity Curmudges there a crusty old crab so dead to wonder and passion and love as to find this slightly arch somewhat precious conceit anything other than glisteningly gorgeousGods I hope not And I hope not to meet himer either Go on suspend disbelief and read this book Soon You'll be glad you took this vacation in the land of Celtic myth

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Dream Angus The Celtic God of DreamsAted to love only Caér the swan maiden from his own dreams Smith spins five charming stories of Dream Angus with five tales of his modern alter ego. ❤️❤️❤️ hadn't read any works by Alexander McCall Smith before this if I'm going to be entirely honest I'd heard about his books was interested but hadn't gotten around to it until nowThank you to Canongate Books for sending me a copy of this I was so excited as I love takes on mythologyDream Angus gives us an interwoven work of short stories that spans the ages to give us a modern day retelling of the Celtic God of Dreams AngusOne thing that impressed me from the start is rarely do a read an introduction unless it's an academic work if it catches my eye I will and McCall Smith's intro was actually very enjoyable to read It's hard to know how to introduce your own work when you're tackling legends and myths and we all know many authors do it well but it's still always nice to know that even the prolific authors understand the delicate work they're doingRather than trying to give an epic tale threaded through various times and places are the stories of the small and wondrous gifts bestowed on people by the dreams and powers of Angus there is love there is peace and of course most importantly there are the dreamsThis is a rather languid and flowery work it's not meant for those looking for a clear cut collection of short stories andor a Michael Bay version of mythology