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Read à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å Margaret Weis Est to master the ueen of Darkness To his dismay Raistlin discovers along the way that the annals of time are not so easily bent to his willNeither are the longings of his hear. I was a big Dragonlance fan in my teens and decided to re read Legends recently mainly out of nostalgia While the books still have a certain entertainment value it's hard not to notice their many flaws – not least the underdeveloped characters Crysania and the serious plot holesSPOILERS The main problem I had re reading the book is that's its difficult to reconcile Raistlin's supposed cunning intelligence with the major mistakes he makes in executing his plan The problem is a character can only ever be as smart as his creators Weis and Hickman spend a lot of time telling us he's an evil genius but show us little evidence of thisWhy does it never occur to him to investigate the circumstances of Fistandantilus's death before he goes back in time Why doesn't he check Astinus's Chronicles How does he not become aware of Fistandantilus's own plot to usurp Tahkisis when he drains his life with the bloodstone We are led to believe Raistlin gains his memoriesIf Fistandantilus used the dragon orb to contact his apprentice in the future presumably Raistlin's present why didn't he kill Gnmish succeed in accessing the portal Why does Raistlin give the magical device back to Caramon He mistakenly believes the Dark ueen has fixed it rather than Gnimsh But it he believes it has been fixed why risk it being activated just has he's attempting to gain access to the portal knowing this was how Fistandantilus died Again it just makes Raistlin look clumsy and foolish rather than the arch schemer he's supposed to be Why not have Raistlin be unaware that the device has been fixed or that his brother has survived until Caramon Tas activate the device At least then he doesn't look like an idiotOther problemsIt's also not clear how Raistlin doesn't destroy himself in killing Fistandantilus I always understood that Fistandantilus helped him pass the Test in the future Raistlin's past after his body was destroyed in Zahman Yet Fistandantilus recognizes Raistlin How How does Fistandantilus know who Par Salian is If as is implied he has knowledge of the future – and may have visited it – then why doesn't he go forward in time and drain Raistlin during Chronicles or before when he was too weak to beat himWhat was the original course of events before Tas was accidentally sent back in time allowing the future to change Given we are told in Astinus's Chronicles that Fistandantilus contacted his apprentice in the future could Raistlin's have gone back to the past in the original timeline only to be drained by Fistandantilus rather than give versa However it seems that their battle took place before Tas Cameron arrived is Istar as by this time Raistlin's has been living as Fistandantilus in the Kingpriest's Temple for at least several monthsThe Dark ueen's threat that the knowledge she gains from Tas will help her thwart the Heroes of the Lance in Chronicles leads to nothing WhyThe writers seemed totally confused with the concept of time travel and appear to be making up the rules as they go along Weis has said on a fansite that Hickman once explained the time travel paradoxes in a big diagram but she could not explain them herself A good editor would have told them to resolve this before publication It's just vague confusing bad writing and plotting I didn't pick up on it as a teenager but it irritated me as an adult reader

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War of the Twins Characters ì 108 º [PDF] ✍ War of the Twins ✎ Margaret Weis – Gym-apparel.co.uk One hundred years have passed since the fiery Cataclysm that changed the face of Krynn forever For one hundred years the people of Krynn have struggled to surviveBut for some those one hundred years h One hundred years have passed sin One hundred years have passed since the fiery Cataclysm that changed the face of Krynn forever For one hundred years the people of Krynn have struggled to surviveBut for some t. You know for a novel with an evil time traveling master magician so full of himself that he wants to kill a god to become a god a twin brother who alternately wants to kill him and protect him and being dumped in a strange time to just happen to lead a huge army to defeat a bunch of dwarvesThis book's best feature is its LOVE STORY HuhLook It's true I'm totally on board with the whole evil machinations of Raistlin how he manipulates everyone and takes on the title of another evil magician in the past and is forced to relive a seemingly unbreakable time loop The war stuff is certainly a lot fun than the previous book's gladiator schtick Even the brotherly love and the nasty betrayal is pretty awesomeBut what really makes the book is the epic romance A magician of absolute evil and a cleric of absolute good an undeniable romance for the ages Hell even his most bald face lies have a germ of truth to them and while he's trying to turn her away from him she just wants to trust him And It's a weird thing this honesty She KNOWS what he is and yet she still wants to help him It doesn't hurt that he wants to kill the Goddess of Darkness and that's kind of her calling But still He's DOING it to REPLACE the grand evil LoL I'm all getting into a fanboy mode here These two are a trip I totally get why these books are classics

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War of the TwinsHose one hundred years have passed in the blink of an eyeCatapulted forward in time by Raistlin's powerful magic Caramon and Crysania find themselves aiding the mage's unholy u. OK I know I had read this book and the entire Legends trilogy back when they first came out 30 years ago view spoilerI am old hide spoiler