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The Breaking Skinners #5The face of terrifying shapeshifter carnage and inexplicable threats from fellow Skinners Fans of Jim Butcher and dedicated Halo gamers will be swept away by The Breaking and the other installments in series Barnes and Noble previously named among the Year’s Best Paranormal Fantasi. I finished The Breaking by Marcus Pelegrimas about two weeks ago I put off the review as I needed to focus on full sentences instead of a list of adjectives to describe this book This is an extraordinary action packed ride into the world of werewolves vampires and all things that go bump into the night This is the fifth book in the series and it does not disappoint in anywayThe story picks up right where we left off in Vampire Uprising Cole is being held by unknown militarylaw types Paige is trying to locate him and in the middle of all this all hell is breaking lose literally Staying alive is a priority for both Paige and Cole The Skinners are the last line of defense in order to save humanity and hopefully themselves in a fight that only promises to get treacherous by the hourIMHO Marcus Pelegrimas is definitely a master of his trade and this series is absolutely one of the best I've read in this genre It is a must read for anyone who enjoys a tale of werewolves vampires and humans there is so much action that it's like watching a movieThe final book in the series Extinction Agenda is scheduled for release sometime this Fall For me it will be a bittersweet end I'm so attached to the characters that I hate to see the story end I know it will be nothing short of brilliant I'm convinced that Mr Pelegrimas will be writing amazing stories for a long time to come and that maybe we'll see this world again

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K forward to Skinners” USA TodayHumankind’s last defense against the darkness Skinners are back in The Breaking Book five in Marcus Pelegrimas’s phenomenal dark nonstop urban fantasy series finds creature hunters Paige and Cole desperately trying to forestall the Apocalypse in. I will admit that it has been a while since I actually finished this book so my review is going to be relatively short What I can remember though is that it was a fun action packed book that despite a slow start for me really picked up and was easily worth Four Stars The plot is really developing by now The human world and the monster world is all but at war with the chaos burgeoning at the seems The way Pelegrimas manages to write this and keep the plot line interesting is amazing However having said that I will admit that as the series has progressed it has left it's original boundaries and pushed into new ones These new boundaries really push the realms of your imagination and I can understand where some people may think this series is dying I myself am aware that this book is not as good as its predecessors no matter how much I love it And I love it alot The Characters Well they are good They aren't going to be winning any plaudits any time soon but they are enjoyable entertaining people who react realistically Obviously Paige and our main man character whose name I have shamefully forgotten are not part of this description these two are ways above the rest A real joy to read The writing Another one of those that you don't notice it which is always good But no it's not going to be winning any awards any time soon but it does the job and what can you ask forShould you read this If you have been reading the series then there can't be any other answer of course you damn well should If you are considering starting up the series then please go ahead it is amazing New to the genre though I don't know Up to you For me though this is a good read End of Have Fun Reading

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The Breaking Skinners #5 Read Ò 107 Ç ❮Download❯ ➵ The Breaking Skinners #5 Author Marcus Pelegrimas – “One of the most underrated paranormal fantasy sagas out there”—Paul Goat Allen“An action packed blood soaked ripsnorter of a monster hunter series”—Tom Piccirilli author of The Midnight “One of the most underrated paranormal fantasy sagas out there” Paul Goat Allen“An action The Breaking ePUB #10003 packed blood soaked ripsnorter of a monster hunter series” Tom Piccirilli author of The Midnight Road“Twilight fans hungering for vampirewerewolf drama can loo. So good This really is an exceptional horror saga Love Cole's character Paige's character is infuriatingly and dangerously impulsive but maybe learning And the monsters they just keep getting bigger badder and freakier