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Characters ô Appelsinpiken 106 ä ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Appelsinpiken Author Jostein Gaarder – «Mi padre murió hace once años cuando yo sólo tenía cuatro Creí ue no volvería a saber nada de él pero ahora estamos escribiendo un libro juntos» Así comienza La joven de las naranjas ue hac «Mi padre murió haceSobre ué somos realmente ué misterio compartimos con el universo ¿Elegiríamos nacer y conocer la vida en toda su intensidad sabiendo ue uizá sea para permanecer sólo un instante en ella ¿O rechazaríamos la oferta Georg un joven de años apasionado por la astronomía encuentra una antigua carta ue su padre escribi?. Enjoyed reading the book And now I’m thinking would i choose to have a life on earth if i actually had a choice

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«Mi padre murió hace once años cuando yo sólo tenía cuatro Creí ue no volvería a saber nada de él pero ahora estamos escribiendo un libro juntos» Así comienza La joven de las naranjas ue hace reflexionar al lector sobre la intensidad de la Vida pero también sobre la muerte Una historia ue nos habla del Tiempo y. “My father died eleven years ago I was only four then I never thought I’d hear from him again but now we’re writing a book together” Sometimes there's a disarming beauty in simplicity Sometimes describing ordinary feelings and doubts is enough for writing extraordinary books This is the case I'm so happy that this is my first Gaarder's book I love how he evokes emotions in the reader's mind without even trying to manipulate them The plot isn't uite about philosophy but it also isn't about the romance It's about whether or not life is worth living without any regrets and if it is how to be happy with the people you care about It's also about growing up and fighting for what we want Gaarder had done a beautiful job in not making this a self help book You may think this is some supernatural novel or that Georg is insane but it's none of the above Georg is a curious 15 year old kid whose biggest problem is how to talk to a girl he likes Then he finds a letter from his father A letter his dad wrote to him a few weeks before he died In that envelope was everything he's father ever wanted to talk to him about but he couldn't because Georg was too young Mainly Jan Olav writes about the Orange girl “I've nothing against eye make up and lipstick But the fact is that we’re actually living on a planet in space For me that’s an extraordinary thought It’s mind boggling just to think about the existence of space at all But there are girls who can’t see the universe for eye liner” The story is about Jan Ulav and his perspective on life The reader also has an insight into Georg's head and they both entwine They're so much alike Georg is mature for his age but still is just a teenager and there are some funny moments where it's clearly shown Like when he didn't want to go jogging with his stepfather because he said the running will help him get rid of acne and Georg didn't want to let him know that acne bothers him “The reason I cried wasn’t just because I knew I might soon be leaving you I cried because you were so young I cried because the two of us couldn’t have a proper talk”It's merely a start of the book and I found myself in tears Jan Olav wasn't only sad because he's dying he was sad because he'll never truly know his son He spent only three years with him and couldn't get enough of him and suddenly his happiness is cruelly taken away The reason for it is not war divorce nor natural catastrophe it's actually a disease I was able to feel Jan Olav's pain like it was mine I just don't know if it was right for Georg to read the letter his father left for him “The truth is that I feel totally helpless or totally inconsolable to be honest I’m not trying to hide it but it’s something you’re not to worry about” One of the worst feelings in the world is when you're helpless And yet Jan Olav had to live day after day with that feeling and tried to be happy in front of his son because he was too young to comprehend what was going on He tried to cherish the time they had left but he couldn't help the sorrow Honestly Gaarder does a painfully good job at describing all those emotions “I noticed nothing that Sunday except that the Orange Girl was missing I only had eyes for what wasn’t there”At first I thought Jan Olav's search for the Orange girl was obsessive and unhealthy He let his hunt get in a way of him living his life He wanted her to be a part of his world and he was so persistent nothing could change his mind about it But then again he simply KNEW she was the one and he didn't want to let her get away “ I can wait until my heart bleeds with sorrow” Usually I would find this uote pathetic or sappy but in this case I find it rather poetic This is simply a part of Jan Olav's charm In his viewpoint he met his soul mate and he doesn't want to wait Said on a right occasion and by a right man this could melt any girl's heart Most of us just don't want to admit it “I'm not just some butterfly for you to catch” The Orange girl is no cookie She's independent unafraid of exploring her affinities Without a doubt she isn't reluctant to getting what she wants but she also doesn't let her inconsistent desires get in a way She wants Jan Olav the same way he wants her and honestly their love story is one of the most beautiful romances I've ever read about “We can't own each other's past The uestion is whether we have a future together” It should be simple like that There are no big twists in the story You can guess at the beginning who the Orange girl is and it isn't a bad thing The book would be pointless if she was anyone else I just wish I could find out about the Orange Girl's reaction after reading the letter We see only glimpses “If I’d chosen never to the foot inside the great fairytale I’d never have known what I’ve lost Do you see what I’m getting at Sometimes it’s worse for us human beings to lose something dear to us than never to have had it at all” It's not about where you are or what you're doing it's about people you're with It's about having a circle of your closest ones and always be with them But what happens when you have to leave them against your will Is it really better to have nothing I don't think so I just love how Gaarder raises existential uestions out of tough life choices “I ask again what would you have chosen if you’d had the chance Would you have elected to live a short span on earth only to be wrenched away from it all never ever to return Or would you have said no thank you You have only these two choices Those are the rules In choosing to live you also choose to die”Georg made a beautiful comparison over what Jan Olav said If there was a choice for him to try the best flavor of his favorite ice cream but only a milligram he'd refuse But he'd still choose life despite how short it is For a teenager George is incredibly insightful and mature while still managing not to become an adult too earlyOverall it was a poignant read There were some parts so cute that I was actually hugging the book and other parts so depressing I cried This is the best kind of book It's not about the genre it's about the emotions the book evokes Occasionally the book doesn't need to have an astonishing plot to be good sometimes it's all about the characters like Jan Olav and Georg Check out my blog

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Appelsinpiken? para él al saber ue iba a morir En ella le cuenta el gran amor ue sintió por la misteriosa Joven de las Naranjas para finalmente formularle una importante pregunta a la ue Georg debe responder Antes de contestar Georg habrá escrito un libro con su padre un libro ue va más allá del tiempo y de los límites de la muer. I loved the book A short and simple yet very touching and deep making me both smile and shed tears