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8 Bizenghast PDFEPUB #10003 From the backcover A violent last stand is about to commence in the city of Bizenghast between Dinah and Mephohetka Can Dinah hold her own against this powerfully twisted demon or will she like all the others be sucke. I can't believe how long i waited to read the final volume I saw some unfavorable reviews and had difficult finding it so i delayed even though i have followed the series from its first volumes There are some faults the artwork did lose some of its marvel over time but the raw emotion remained For those profound heart breaking moment it well earned these stars particular when Dinah kissed Edrear Edrear was always my favorite and I'd been hoping the romantic tension between them would amount to something It delivered in a big way I bawled for about twenty minutes actually Her reuniting to Vincent was rather sweet but for me didn't hold the passion of Edrear Dinah herself progressed wonderfully bit by bit through the series

Free download Bizenghast Volume 8 Bizenghast #8

Bizenghast Volume 8 Bizenghast #8En Mausoleum Challenged by a terrible spectre to free all the Volume 8 Bizenghast PDF #198 tormented souls of the lost graveyard Dinah slowly recovers her sanity by working with her friend Vincent to untangle the riddles of the ghosts' many deat. Honestly my rating for this is so high because the end to Bizenghast was so satisfying so original just like the rest of the story but with a hint of a cliche it didn't have a depressing ending and we all know that M Alice LeGrow worked very hard on it in order to give her fans what she believed we deserve a proper conclusion She is unlike some other authors who once their series are dropped or stopped due to their publishing house being shut down they just totally drop it and don't try to put out any other content from the series Anyway this volume was so riveting and a bit grotesue in some parts like it really did make me cringe but only out of fear and disgust but the good kind of disgust as in I felt immersed in the story like I was there with Dinah The climax of this volume so climax of the climax made me really sad but there was so much going on that I could only feel a little sad I knew there had to be something something redeemable for all that had happened to our favorite brothers and there was They came back thank god unscathed and all thanks to Dinah And Vincent too had been there all along I suppose he had been forgetting his memories but he still felt a connection to Dinah and a connection to that town so he stayed and he followed her ghost after she died Dinah too forgot some important things as a ghost But they both instantly remembered much if not all of their lost memories once they found the mausoleum together again just like at the start of this whole story Those two started out as clueless kids and it ended with their corpses rotting away in the ground and their spirits free inhabiting the mausoleum as tower guard replacements of Edrear and Edaniel's sisters forever I suppose Lala was one of the tower guards huh And Eniri killed her We never really found out what happened to Eniri though Did she die Was she banished Did she simply cease to be because she was inadeuate I don't know But thank god that witch's ghost finally died When she twisted that rod of a cross in her chest when she was still alive and broke a piece off in her chest she must have been casting a curse upon herself and upon that town In vengeance perhaps or in her own way of ridding the world of sorrows she wanted to come back and rule the world She was a mean ghost however She revealed her dark side once Edrear killed himself because he deemed himself inadeuate and dangerous to Dinah due to Maphohetka's brainwashing and she no longer had any man to seduce I am just so glad that all of my favorite characters turned out okay in the end And surprisingly this volume didn't feel forced or rushed to me It felt like it was the perfect ending to that arc I did hear though that M Alice LeGrow had initially intended the series to end with 13 volumes Perhaps this went according to plan and the other 4 volumes we would have had would have been of a brand new arc with Vincent and Dinah as tower guards I kind of doubt it I think that she cut out the entirety of an arc she probably planned to add after this one ended with just another volume or two and took her planned ending for the whole series and beautiful constructed it into the ending of this arc But it really didn't feel rushed or forced even if this isn't how she originally intended the series to end But I really do think that this arc was coming to a close anyway so that was probably a lot of help Even so she still did an amazing job Ah this was truly was a wonderfully dark and amazing story and volume to read I am sure that I will read the whole story over again someday Again and again I bet It's dark and twisted but not sickeningly so It's like the perfect story for edgy middle schoolers and edgy high schoolers

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Free download è Bizenghast Volume 8 Bizenghast #8 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➶ Bizenghast Volume 8 Bizenghast #8 ➽ M. Alice LeGrow – From the backcover A violent last stand is about to commence in the city of Bizenghast between Dinah D into the nightmareDinah a Bizenghast Volume MOBI #204 clincally insane protagonist living in an abandoned mill town with her sociopathic Aunt teams up with the only other child in town to dispell the horros they find down in the long lost Sunk. My letter retraction Sorry tokyopop I honestly thought the series wasn’t finished glad to see I was wrong about that because I’m glad I saw the climactic conclusion to these series