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In its ongoing uest to showcase the wide range of Jacues Tardi’s bibliography Fantagraphics reaches all the way back to one of his earliest and most distinctive graphic novels A satirical Jules Vernes esue “retro sci fi” yarn executed on scratchboard in a stunningly detailed faux woodcut style perfectly chosen to The Arctic MOBI #204 render the Edwardian era mechanical marvels on display Created in The Arctic Marauder is a downright prescient example of proto “steampunk” science fiction. The second best thing about this book is that the publisher calls it ice punk instead of steam punk because it is a Jules Verne type story set in the Arctic in 1889 The best thing is the artwork so gorgeous to look at black and white meticulously drawn settings interestingly drawn charactersThe worst thing is the storydialogue Too many words Let the pictures tell the storyThe second worst thing might be the story itself which I didn't much care for A ghost ship atop an iceberg signals death for the planet or does it Well Tardi creates three basic categories of graphic novels as far as I can tell 1 fantastic adventures like this one; 2 Brutally realistic WWI antiwar stories and 3 noir crime stories I like the adventures the least though you can't fault this amazing artist for being boring or dispassionate He's one of the greats My favorites are his war stories by far

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The Arctic MarauderOr perhaps accurately and to coin a spinoff genre “icepunk”In “L’Anjou” a ship navigating the Arctic Ocean from Murmansk Russia to Le Havre France comes across a stunning sight A ghostly abandoned vessel perched high atop an iceberg But exploring this strange apparition is the last thing the sailors will ever do as their own ship is soon dispatched to Davy Jones’ locker via a mysterious explosionEnter Jérôme Plumier whose search for his missing uncle the inventor Louis Ferdinand Chapout. Another superb comic by Tardi Some would argue that main premise of the story with the mad scientists is not far fetched but a bit basic I have enjoyed it myself it has this surreal aura that covers adele blanc sec too And the illustrations are out of this world arctic marauder is one of the best examples of Tardi's mastership Pity we didn't get to see a continuation of the main arcHere he's not simple simple as in nestor burma and la debauche Here he lets himself go he's extravagant and I love it

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The Arctic Marauder Summary Í 5 æ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Arctic Marauder By Jacques Tardi – In its ongoing uest to showcase the wide range of Jacues Tardi’s bibliography Fantagraphics reaches all the way back to one of his earliest and most distinctive graphic novels A satirical Jules Vern In its ongoing uest to showcaseIer brings him into contact with the sinister frigid forces behind this and soon he too is headed towards the North Pole where he will contend with mad scientists monsters of the deep and futuristic submarines and flying machines Told with brio in hilarious slabs of vintage purple prose The Arctic Marauder works both as ripping good adventure story and parody of same and predating as it does the later and not dissimilar Adele Blanc Sec series is a keystone in Tardi’s oeuvre in his fantastical mod. I read The Arctic Marauder by Jacues Tardi This book was very strange It starts with a man named Jerome on a ship in the arctic ocean They spot another ship just floating on an iceberg at sea and go to investigate When they get on to the other ship their ship blows up for absolutely no clear reason Jerome is puzzled by this and goes to visit his uncle for some advice but when he arrives it appears that his uncle is dead Jerome sets out of Brest on a ship that is going to try and figure out why so many ships have been sinking in the same area lately On their trip the ship seems to be hit with something and sinks Jerome thinks he is as good ad dead but wakes up in a bed inside of the iceberg where is uncle and another guy essentially explain to him how they are going to try and kill everyone in the world by launching diseases The art in this book is all black and white with some shading The pictures are very descriptive and show a lot of detail I really enjoyed the artwork I didn’t like any of the characters in this book At first Jerome seems like a cool guy but then his uncle and uncle’s friend tell him about their plan to create a disease ridden world and Jerome seems fine with it Both Jerome’s uncle and his Uncle’s friend are not nice people and not likeable My reacted to this book was eh it wasn’t awful but I didn't really enjoy it I would maybe recommend it to someone that is interested in like mechanics but other than that I don’t think I’d recommend it