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characters À Kettle Bottom ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Kettle Bottom Author Diane Gilliam Fisher – Based on the historical and social events of the West Virginia coal mine wars of 1920 1921 Kettle Bottom imagines the stories of miners their wives children sAt address a violent time with honesty levity and compassion Kettle Bottom is about how a community lived in the presence of constant danger and the choices the residents made These are people to look to tod. “The darkness here is the darkof the blind the dark behindthe blind the purely unknown” Diane Gilliam Fisher “Journal of Catherine Terry” lines 18 20 From the first page of Diane Gilliam Fisher’s 'Kettle Bottom' readers will doubtlessly be captured by the subtle yet intricate poetic storytelling of true and devastating historical events The collection contains an array of characters all with compelling voices and memorable stories Each speaker uniuely shares his or her experiences living in a West Virginian mining town in the years 1920 and 1921 and through their experiences readers gain insight on the all encompassing effects of coal mining It explores not only the tragic fates of miners but also broadens the perspective and highlights the victimization of all who lived in the town Through its interconnected story lines and simple haunting prose 'Kettle Bottom' provides memorable and thought provoking details about oppressed and marginalized communities and keeps readers’ interests piued from start to finish Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Fisher’s collection is the attentiveness paid to each character and their indelible story arcs In a collection of this size one would expect readers to become lost in the intricate story lines but they are written so carefully and memorably that readers will become involved with even once mentioned characters and speakers It will open readers’ eyes about a topic that is seldom mentioned in history classes and offer a new perspective of Appalachian living The most constant theme throughout Kettle Bottom is the constant inescapable all encompassing darkness than inhabits both the coal mining community and its residents It gets on their hands their nicest clothes the law religion and and it embeds itself in the most precious pieces of family life One reoccurring character Catherine Terry has a series of journals about her time living in the mining town In one of her deeply heartfelt journal entries she states“Their gaze was the only spell they hadto conjure faces out of that dark; it pulledlike a rope on a well bucket it was a netflung out between a black sky and a black seadrawn back empty and flung again” “Journal of Catherine Terry” lines 31 35Through these troubled characters’ experiences and feelings readers become painfully aware of the dark stain that measles its way into what is most personal and sacred From Catherine Terry’s journals to the stained blankets in “Pink Hollyhocks” to the burned clothing in “Violet’s Wash” and the miner’s prayers in “Raven’s Light” the darkness is prevalent and it sticks and bleeds even after washing The one apparent shortfall of 'Kettle Bottom' is its insatiable overpowering sense of doom Throughout the book there is sadness after sadness repeated by loss after loss Like the darkness the doom sticks and it is cemented in each poem Like the speakers and characters readers will begin to expect chaos and destruction There are many unexpected twists and turns but at some points readers may predict the end of the poem within the first few lines Despite these critiues however each poem still maintains its own strength and importance within the overall collection It is a striking and worthwhile read and throughout readers will connect with and cry out for each character

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Ack families These people organized for safe working conditions in opposition to the mine company owners and their agents Fisher listened closely and the result is a book of vivid rhythmic heartfelt poems th. If you've ever wondered how to land a poem read Kettle Bottom This collection is spectacular and heart breaking and so real you choke on the coal dust The different narrative voices are uniue and authentic and powerful; Diane Gilliam Fisher takes us through the thoughts and the voices of everyone touched by coal from the children to the women waiting to a man lost in a mine after a cave in This is tragedy not rendered beautiful but so real you can't help but find the beauty in the fierce tragedy of lives degraded lives lost proud lives filled with struggle and ferocious love This is the voice of my home and I feel honored that it was so deftly handled and so carefully so artfully made accessible to those who are fighting to keep Blair Mountain un mined as well as to those who may never have stepped into the Appalachians or driven past the coal fields

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Kettle BottomBased on the historical and social events of the West Virginia coal mine wars ofKettle Bottom imagines the stories of miners their wives children sisters and mothers of mountaineers Italian immigrants and Bl. This was one of the books I took with me on my bike ride across the country I read it in Virginia and Kentucky I'm almost positive it was given to me as a gift by SOCM member Landon Medley