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review The Daughter of Sienna õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù ❮Download❯ ➺ The Daughter of Sienna ✤ Author Marina Fiorato – Amid the intrigue and danger of 18th century Italy a young woman becomes embroiled in romance and treachery with a rider in the Palio the breathtaking Amid the intrigue and danger of th century Italy a young woman becomes embroiled in romance and treachery with a rider in the Palio the breathtaking horse race set in SienaIt's and the Palio a The Daughter eBook #238 white knuckle horse race is. I may be completely biased but no one has a handle on Italian historical fiction uite like Marina Fiorato It's the 1720's in the Tuscan city of Siena and Pia Tolomei finds herself wed into a ruthless noble family that are part of a plot to replace a childless Medici widow But when a mysterious green eyed rider comes to town and captures the young woman's attention it's only a matter of time before the city is threatened by war From the descriptions of the Palio a most dangerous horse race and the strong characters I just couldn't get enough of this novel Simply a wonderful reason as to why I enjoy historical fictionGoodreads review 110619

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Soon to be held in the heart of the peerless Tuscan city of Siena But the beauty and pageantry masks the deadly rivalry that exists among the city's districts Each ward represented by an animal symbol puts forth a rider to claim the winner's b. The palio and romance and renaissance Italy Hotness x1000 This book made a slow and gradual trek into my heart and I totally fell in love with itAt first it took me a bit of time to get into the writing because I’m so used to the fast pace and easier to read prose of young adult books because this author has uite the command over the English language Meaning there are a lot of words and lengthy sentence constructions that you probably would rarely see in a young adult book It’s very controlled mature and filled with nuancesI loved how there is a recurring theme of the past affecting the present It shows up in great uantities in this story where an event that took place in the past comes back to slap them in the face or brings about a huge shocking twist I for one was going “Damn son” a lot of times It makes for some excellent character backstory and underlying character motivation for a lot of the actions they take Another thing that I thought was pretty nifty was how the second palio was almost a near replica of the one in the beginning to show the progression of the plot and bring everything full circle A neat tactic I do sayThe narrative structure in this book is very interesting At the beginning of each chapter we are given a flashback of a moment from a character’s life It’s sort of a foreshadowing on what’s going to happen next while also giving our characters depthThe characters are all clearly defined Pia is a soft spoken woman who is constantly over shadowed by the duty and obligations that are placed on her for a person in her position and her own internal conflicts regarding her feelings and what is right Riccardo is brave steadfast and caught up in a whirlwind of political games that he tries to delicately straddleDarkness is uite prevalent in here as many of the characters are cruel; using violence and underhanded tactics to get what they want And then we see how clinging to an idolized memory of a person brings about terrible conseuences Even the good characters have their flaws I loved the intricate details the author weaved into her story The historical time period that this place in comes alive and I can imagine the beautiful spectacle the palio makes It might help if you’re familiar with the race as I am because I love horses but it doesn’t matter as the important details you need to know are all laid out clearly for youThe romance was a bit uick but unlike some of the poorer young adult novels this is done with great skill The romance is not the forefront of the story and it doesn’t take over the main plot Neither does either character spend pages upon pages moping about the other And the problems beset with their relationship are a lot complex than “I can’t be with you because I’m bad for you” No no noAh this was a great read A steadily paced book that latched its claws deeper and deeper into me with each passing chapterDefinitely recommended for those who love historical fiction Italy and horsesBtw here's a video showing the beauty and gala that is the palio

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The Daughter of SiennaAnner but the contest turns citizens into tribes and men into beasts and beautiful headstrong young Pia Tolomei is in love with a rider of an opposing ward an outsider who threatens the shaky balance of intrigue and influence that rules the lan. I won this on First Reads My review is based on an advance copyLet me begin by saying I had somewhat low expectations for this book I figured it would be just another historical fictionchick lit I'm glad I was wrong Being very familiar with horses I really enjoyed that the horse element played a large part in this book I thought the storyline was interesting and there was a small surprise at the end I finished it in a couple of days and I really enjoyed it The ending I'll admit was a little too perfect but hey who cares This was a fun read that was hard to put down